evolving to meet your needs

As we head into our second decade, E4H is proud to offer the medical and pharmaceutical industries a suite of opportunities to achieve their goals.

We are niche, we specialise and we have a deep understanding of pharmaceuticals and healthcare. This enables us to support our clients to deliver their vision and reach their markets in a variety of ways.

We have built upon our core aim of delivering inspirational events with the growth of the Pf Awards, the premier awards within the UK healthcare industry. The Pf Awards proudly stand tall as the largest pharmaceutical sales awards in the UK, rewarding excellence in pharmaceutical and medical device sales across a variety of categories.

The addition of Pf Magazine to our portfolio has brought publishing to our expanding service offering. As the leading publication for pharmaceutical professionals, it allows us to be responsive to the demands of our clients across print and digital.

E4H continues to evolve to ensure we deliver the services and solutions our clients need.

Great work comes from great experience

Karl and Melanie Hamer, our founding directors, have ‘carried the bag’ as experienced sales and brand managers. They understand the challenges, the opportunities and even the restrictions that may be encountered when embarking on a new project. This is the kind of experience you can only have if you’ve walked in the shoes of your client.

Over the past ten years, they have worked with a team that can deliver services and solutions at the forefront of medical education.

Melanie Hamer - Founding Director, E4H
Melanie Hamer
Founding Director
Karl Hamer - Managing Director, E4H
Karl Hamer
Managing Director
Hazel Lodge - Commercial Director, E4H
Hazel Lodge
Commercial Director
Fiona Beard - Financial Director, E4H
Fiona Beard
Financial Director
Emma Warfield - Art Director, E4H
Emma Warfield
Creative Director
portrait of Dr Anne Connolly as E4H welcomes her as Clinical Director to boost medical education
Dr Anne Connolly
Clinical Director
Dom Oxenford - Digital Marketing Manager, E4H
Dom Oxenford
Head of Digital & Production
Emma Morriss E4HTeam_500x500_26
Emma Morriss
Head of Marketing Operations
Frankie Oliver
Senior Account Manager
Sharon Giddens
Account Manager
Kieran Doyle - Production Manager, E4H
Kieran Doyle
Production Manager
Amy Schofield - Assistant Editor, E4H
Amy Schofield
Senior Editor
Sarah Larkin
Digital Projects Executive
Emma-H_500x500 (2)
Emma Hedges
Account Manager
hannah alderton
Hannah Alderton
Account Manager
Ryan Cook
Multi-Media Executive
Amelia_500x500 (2)
Amelia Hamer
Marketing & Social Media Exec.
Michelle Cotton
Customer Service Agent
Olivia Cummins
Graphic Designer
Mike Jepps
Project Assistant
Tracey Oliver
Membership & Events Exec.
Elliott Kynoch
Projects Assistant
Josh Olufs
Jonny Furlong
Production Assistant
Katie McCourt
Projects Assistant
Poppy E4HTeam_500x500_19
Director of Wellbeing
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E4H is proud to support the Christina Noble Foundation

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