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E4H: How we have evolved over the last 10 years

As E4H reaches its 10-year anniversary, we have taken the time to reflect on what we’ve learned, achieved and, importantly, what we still have left to achieve.

Like many people, we always had the ambition to start our own business, but the security blanket of a large corporation, the burden of a large mortgage and two dependent children always somehow prevented us from taking the leap. Then, by chance, an opportunity arose, through a variety of circumstances and regarding the sale of another business we were already familiar with. Feeling entrepreneurial, we jumped at the chance. After a number of months of negotiation, Melanie started Events4Healthcare, with the Pf Awards 2007 as her first project.

Statistics show that most companies unfortunately fail within three years of starting – so we kept this thought in mind throughout those early years. We recruited wisely and have grown an outstanding team.

We listened carefully to our customers, embraced innovation and developed new products. With careful management, we succeeded beyond that stage and now find ourselves at the 10-year mark with a range of great clients and products across the business. Like many companies, however, the products and services we deliver now are not those we started with.

We started Events4Healthcare with the aim of delivering inspirational events; back then webinars were expensive and unreliable, databases were poor, and healthcare professionals felt that face-to-face meetings were the only way to receive education.

With the growing pressures on HCPs and developments in digital and e-learning techniques, our environments and customers have changed. So, we evolved to meet their needs. We took advantage of the technology available, and now offer a range of virtual solutions that we could not have dreamt of 10 years ago.

When we started we chose a ‘Ronseal name’; we did what it said on the tin.  As we evolved, however, we found that our original name – like many businesses – no longer worked for us, and in many ways, worked against us. Although still delivering outstanding events, that’s not the whole story anymore. We needed a new identity.

We knew we wanted to keep the major elements of our brand, but needed to remove the ambiguity it presented about our service offer. So, like the Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS), British Telecom (BT), Hennes and Mauritz (H&M) and IKEA…okay maybe not IKEA…the Events4Healthcare name has evolved to become E4H. We still have the same core values, the same committed staff, but we are now so much more.

If you haven’t visited our website lately, I invite you to take a look at the new, improved E4H domain and see how much more we have to offer.