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How to maximise your resources post-event

When business is booming, it’s easy to end up jumping from one project to the next. However, it’s important to allocate time to review your achievements and understand how you can make the most of these once the project has come to an end.

If you’ve run a medical education meeting or webinar for healthcare professionals, there are a wealth of resources that you can use to market your business and share your successes.

Industry awards

Let’s start with the obvious – has your project won any industry awards? Does the award provider have a winner’s logo that you can use? Shout loud and proud about what you’ve won (and if relevant, why you won it). These accolades inspire confidence and respect. Put the fact that you’re a winner on your website.

Fantastic photographs

Did you take photos at your conference, exhibition or event? Make a gallery on your website or use them in your marketing materials. Bustling events look like successful can’t-miss events. If someone is new to what you are offering, these pictures can help create a picture in their mind of what to expect – giving them the confidence to register for your next project. Use pictures of people when you have them – not just glossy exhibition stands. We naturally relate to people more than furniture and banners, no matter how nicely they’ve been designed. In need of some inspiration? Take a look at some of our photographs from the Pf Awards 2017 – the largest sales awards for the UK pharma industry.

Presentations, video and audio

You should also make the most out of any presentations/videos/audio that may have come from your event. If you’ve recorded a webinar, you can put it on your website or training portal so that users can access it again (or for the first time) in the future. Keep hitting those education goals. You can upload videos or presentations to YouTube or Vimeo or similar. Even if you only have audio, you can use apps like Soundcloud to get it online and keep reaping the rewards of your hard work. Remember: if you don’t know how to get something on a website, E4H will.

Feedback: Stats, testimonials and evaluation forms

What did people have to say about your event or webinar? What did they love? Ask some of them for testimonials. If you don’t want to outright ask for testimonials, what about sending out an evaluation form? This could be printouts or, even better, an email with a link to an online form that they can complete at their leisure. Or perhaps you had some live polls during your presentations?

You should use every piece of feedback, positive or negative, to inform what you do next, but you can also lift out any great positive stats to promote what you do. Maybe you had an 90% attendance rate, or 85% of attendees said they would change their practices as a result of what they learned from your lecture, or 99% said they would attend again – you could use these figures on your marketing materials to attract even more visitors next time.

Put it on your website!

‘Put it on your website’ is a frequent refrain in this article, but it does assume that you have one and know how to update it. If you don’t, experts like E4H can help create one to match your needs. Similarly, while you shouldn’t feel intimidated by any of the technologies mentioned above (such as uploading videos or creating a picture gallery), E4H can assist with all of those, too – just get in touch here. Or, turn your event into a case study to host on your website – take a look at some of our recent projects. 

After you’ve gone through this process, you’ll have turned ‘project leftovers’ into effective marketing materials. Taking the time to look back at what you’ve done and celebrate success is always worthwhile.