To create solutions that change behaviours, we take a strategic and collaborative approach. The E4H process is continually reviewed, adapted and improved to add value and deliver measurable results


Meet with us

Here we learn what's important to you. We gather business requirements and stakeholder needs to understand what you need to achieve by when. We discuss project possibilities and constraints, set estimated budgets and work through project phases.


Leave it with us

Once the brief has been agreed, we'll draw on our experience and expertise to research and understand your audience. We'll then use these customer insights to create the right solution that best meets your needs and delivers on your strategy.


Let us show you

It's about getting the right solution and people to ensure your project's success. We will draw on our network of experts to provide the leading KOLs combined with our full service, in-house team. We'll also employ the right technologies for your audience, time frame and budget.


Go live

We'll support you through approvals and verify that the project is compliant, and when you're ready to deploy, we'll deliver value and measurable results on time and on message.


Let's review

The dedicated project team will regularly monitor the project and deliver ongoing updates and reporting. We'll review and measure the impact of your project, offering suggestions to improve or develop. We pride ourselves on being trusted partners to achieve your objectives.


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