Our clients have individual challenges that demand our attention and commitment. E4H services are based on working strategically and collaboratively to enhance your vision. We provide innovative solutions, backed by experience and delivered with the ease of full-service, in-house capability. 

Medical Education

We form open, honest partnerships to deliver industry-leading medical education. Working strategically and collaboratively we'll enhance your vision and support the continuing professional development of healthcare or industry professionals.

Digital Expertise

We leverage the latest technologies to optimise your investment. We hand-pick our digital experts to partner with you, bringing your vision to life in a digital environment. whether bespoke websites, education and registration portals or complex data tools.


We engage thousands of HCPs each month. Benefit from our in-depth understanding of the healthcare industry, KOL sourcing, technological expertise, comms, content production and tailored remote solutions with audience interaction tools, analytics and reporting.

Omni-Channel Marketing

Maximise HCP engagement with omni-channel marketing. The right marketing mix is bespoke, engaging, customer-centric, personalised to local need, commercially efficient, achieves buy-in, and builds trust and relationships. We deliver for the customer how they want it, when they want it.

KOL Development

Whether you have KOLs or need to find the best advocate for your brand, we’ll deliver. We will identify and engage the right KOLs for your project. Our KOL development programme ensures our network is current and relevant across many therapeutic areas. We understand their importance at every stage.

Advisory Boards

Gain customer insights to shape your work and build the optimal mix of solutions. An effective advisory board, properly composed and directed, can provide critical and informed guidance. We ensure you have access to high-quality advice when it's needed in a virtual or face to face environment.

Therapeutic Areas

As new treatment options develop, and new products come to market, the need for expert knowledge increases. Our experience covers a wide range of therapy areas including women’s health, oncology, cardiovascular, diabetes, respiratory, ophthalmology, mental health, rare diseases and more.

Strategic Partnerships

When your aims and objectives align with those of others, E4H are a catalyst to initiate and enhance the partnership relationship. We successfully bring together industry, the NHS, charities and other healthcare organisations through open, honest partnerships to deliver industry-leading medical education.

Patient Support

Patients are at the heart of everything we do. We can support remote patient monitoring outside the conventional clinical setting. Trust our in-house team to manage device stock, distribution, NHS centre liaison and patient support lines. We’ll work with you to develop the optimal solution for your patients.

Medical Publishing

High quality content and publications are the foundation of reliable information. Our publishing arm draws together creative direction, editors, journalists and design geniuses. E4H publishes Pf Magazine for pharma professionals and Her Life, Her Health for primary care.


We create engaging and interactive learning modules for your employees or customers. We use quality video, audio, animation or a combination to bring your learning to life, while also supporting user engagement and knowledge retention.

Event Management

When the world can come back together, a live event has real impact. From concept to delivery our event management and planning teams provide a dedicated service tailored to your requirements from small group learning to black tie awards, we deliver.

We work closely with our clients to provide strategic and cost-effective solutions

We offer a full spectrum of services and can combine any of our products to ensure the exact package required to deliver the project results you want to achieve.

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