Infection Control Webinar Series

webinars for a CCG delivered with a 3 day lead time

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In Mid-March 2020, E4H was asked by a CCG to provide a method of engaging essential staff across the borough, to provide vital and important infection control training within hospices and doctors surgeries.

The objective was to ensure staff are kept safe when carrying out their duties and cross-infection risk was reduced, particularly in light of the current COVID-19 global pandemic.

E4H suggested live webinars as the optimal solution to reach and engage the required audience.

Within 24 hours, the E4H digital team created an online event portal to host the webinar information and enable healthcare professionals to register to attend. It went live immediately and within 48 hours the first webinar had received over 600 registrations and the second over 700.

Given the current situation with COVID-19 limits anything other than essential travel, meaning face-to-face training was not a viable option, the webinar allowed essential staff to dial in from anywhere to undertake important infection control training.

The feedback from the CCG and the audience was very positive. When broadcast live online, the first webinar received over 400 attendees and the second over 500 proving it to be an effective and appropriate way to reach a large audience over multiple sites to educate them on an essential topic at this difficult time.


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