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At the 17th World Congress of the European Association for Palliative Care (EAPC) 2021, a new client wanted to create an innovative online symposium to present their portfolio proposition to an international palliative care community.

The client wanted the online symposium to stand out, generate high participant engagement and increase digital follow up opportunities via their website.

E4H worked closely with a client to develop several key assets which were centered around the patient. The assets focused on taking the theory into practice to ensure symptoms which severely impacted patient quality of life were identified and addressed in the post-Covid world.

As part of the work E4H:

  • Developed the client’s requirements for the event and suggested a three-part approach – animated video, Key Opinion Leaders (KOL) conversation and live Q&A.
  • Undertook medical writing to draft a script and shape the KOL conversation to meet the client’s brief.
  • Designed a branded storyboard and developed an animated video.
  • Supported the sourcing and contracting of KOL to introduce the symposium, voiceover the animation and engage the audience.
  • Developed an infographic to provide concise information in a digestible format.
  • Undertook KOL management to record an interactive, cross-functional conversation.
  • Combined all assets into a symposium presentation, and also delivered them in individual sections for the client’s educational hub.
  • Translated all assets into three languages.
  • Digitally supported the client and KOLs at the symposium, ensuring the live KOL Q&A ran smoothly.

Ultimately this led to the delivery of a high-quality 50-minute seminar and feedback from the client was highly positive.

Following the success of the seminar, the digital materials have been uploaded to the client’s website, deployed across Europe, and promoted widely across LinkedIn and Medscape to help improve patients’ quality of life.


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