Non-Promotional Educational Webinar

NTRK Fusion Positive Cancer Detection

Project details

E4H worked with Roche Diagnostics to design and develop a non-promotional, educational webinar on detecting NTRK fusion positive cancers.

The national webinar aimed to guide the selection of precision medicines through exploring key considerations and important steps in clinical practise for detecting NTRK fusion positive cancers.

Delivering the event

As part of the project, the team built a registration website and designed invitation, confirmation and reminder emails which were sent to each attendee.

To increase delegate engagement during the webinar, E4H included an option on the registration form to submit questions prior to going live; this resulted in favourable results with an abundance of questions being submitted prior to the event.

The team arranged and supported the running of the hour and a half webinar which included managing the platform’s waiting room, two speaker presentations and two live Q & A sessions to maximise learning opportunities and strengthen attendee engagement.

Finally, E4H followed up the webinar with a thank you email, certificate and evaluation survey to demonstrate the extent of the event’s success.


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