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Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month: A cause close to our hearts 

November marks Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month when people come together to raise the profile of pancreatic cancer.  

According to Pancreatic Cancer Action, a UK based charity working towards the day when people survive pancreatic cancer and patients have the best treatment available, pancreatic cancer is the UK’s 5th biggest cancer killer. 

Worldwide there are around 338,000 new cases each year; in Europe that figure is more than 104,000. In the UK,

approximately 10,000 people are newly diagnosed each year.  

Pancreatic cancer affects men and women equally with incidence increasing from the age of 45. The average age at diagnosis is 72. 


Statistics from: Pancreatic Cancer Action 

Personal stories 

Pancreatic cancer is close to the hearts of the E4H team. We have a number of personal stories to share to help raise awareness:

James Dadge

John William Street

Ali Stunt, the founder of Pancreatic Cancer Action worked with E4H on an inspirational project to produce a short film dedicated to her story to raise pancreatic cancer awareness.  

The film was produced to show the human story to pancreatic cancer, the human beyond the treatment and how life can go on again after a devastating diagnosis. Ali’s appreciation for life and family is heart-warming and incredibly moving. 

Playing your part 

Pancreatic Cancer Action says that the five per cent survival rate of pancreatic cancer has barely changed in nearly 50 years. However, with earlier diagnosis, this could change. To play your part, you can donate to the charity to fund research, educate healthcare professionals, increase awareness and support patients. 


Pancreatic cancer can be a devastating disease. Understanding symptoms and signs could potentially lead to early diagnosis, which may lead to a more positive outcome.

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To donate to Pancreatic Cancer Action*

Text PANCAN and the amount to 70085.

Text PANCAN 10 to 70085 to donate £10.

Text PANCAN 20 to 70085 to donate £20.

*Texts will cost the donation amount plus one standard network rate message